A study on the controversial and mysterious vinland map

The fact that they never bothered to is irrelevant to both the paleography and the authenticity of the map.

vinland map essay

She calls for further technical studies of medieval documents to determine the precise composition of their inks. In the sale, four of the six lots that achieved the highest prices were items that Marston had purchased from Witten, all also in However, a far more reliable way to call a potential buyer's attention to the connection between two volumes being offered for sale at the same time and apparently from the same unspecified library would have been simply to announce in the catalog that both volumes use the same paper, similarly interspersed with parchment, and may therefore have been produced by the same scriptorium, even if the dealer chose, for dramatic effect, to leave it to the buyer to "discover" for himself that the wormholes align.

Kaolin clay is particularly prized as an absorbent. Stephan Kuttner is reported to have been sceptical, but he never published his views. Floyd discovered this by noting mistakes in the map that were replicated on the Vinland map, but could be found nowhere else. Two years after Shailor's corrected version had appeared, Witten, who became seriously ill at this time, repeated the erroneous version in his essay reprinted in the present volume.

It would therefore be far easier to conclude that the layout on the Canerio Map derives from that of the Vinland Map, than vice-versa per McNaughton!

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Vinland Map of America no forgery, expert says